You'll feel like you're working together for the first time.

Topple believes in teamwork. That people can get more and better things done by playing a part on a great team. Our part is to help you build those teams with a great knowledge platform.

Topple is a knowledge base that works the way teams do.

Right now, your knowledge base is like a giant game of Jeopardy. Tons of answers but very little context. That's one of several reasons it is incomplete, stale, and under-used. Topple brings the emphasis back to the questions and who's asking them. So that you can work the way you learn and learn by working.

Announcing: Executive Program

Start learning how to use documents effectively and build teams that work better together. We're taking on new members every month.

3 Solutions for Business Silos (And How to Implement Them)

Focus and Scale

Accomplish more with a team, not in spite of it.
  • Stop watching your braintrust walk out the door.
  • Understand what you need from each other and what you're responsible for.
  • Repeatable work for hands-off growth.

Learn and Remember

Stop repeating mistakes. Repeat success.
  • Discover unknown-unknowns and close knowledge gaps.
  • Stop playing the telephone game. Share real information and feedback.
  • Build actionable histories and adapt to changing context.

Confident and Transparent

Know when you're doing the right thing for your customer, business, team, and career.
  • Take evidence based actions that you understand now and in the future.
  • Work together to reduce the ambiguity in your job.
  • Socialize priorities and constraints to get everyone on the same page.

Create knowledge not excuses. Expect success with Topple.

Topple provides tools that help teams create and use documents to communicate, remember, and thrive.

Build a Team

We're currently accepting executive program members and would love to learn about your situation.

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